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Sevilla Arte

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Sevilla Arte encapsulates the vibrant essence of Sevilla, showcasing its rich culture of flamenco, bullfights, and devotion. This sun-drenched city exudes a sovereign spirit, reflected in its majestic horses and...

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Writer Paul-Maxime Koskas grew up in Paris and has since traveled the world. His capacity for contemplation leads him to linger on the charm of the places he visits. Wherever he goes, he knows how to appreciate the customs and immerses himself in the culture as if it were his own. A poet in his spare time, he could just as well be a tour guide, a museum curator, a culinary critic, or a conductor, callings that all share the common ability to recognize and appreciate beauty. When he discovered Sevilla, it was love at first sight. Wandering the streets, he met local traders who soon become friends, becoming part of neighborhood life. Paul-Maxime shares his perspective on the Andalusian capital, insights and secrets amassed through the years, driven by his passion for the city.

Travel Series

Sevilla Arte


The worst thing is not that Sevillians think that they have the most beautiful city in the world...the worst is that they may be right.

— Antonio Gala

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Page count

312 pages

Number of illustrations

over 200



Released on

April 2024


W 10 x L 13 x D 1.5 in

Cover materials

Linen hardcover




6.6 lb

Paul-Maxime Koskas

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