The Bohemian Mystique of Ibiza

Escape to Ibiza's sun-soaked paradise, where bohemian style meets Mediterranean charm. Explore rugged cliffs and hidden coves, and enjoy the artistic freedom and natural beauty.


Sicily: Your Summer Escape

Discover Sicily Honor, where history and modernity meet under the shadow of Mount Etna. Enjoy a journey through time, taste, and tradition in this Mediterranean gem.

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The Alpine Shores of Lake Como

Escape to Lake Como's enchanting shores, where Alpine peaks embrace timeless Italian elegance. Discover a world of lush gardens, sparkling waters, and romantic villas that capture the essence of la dolce vita.

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Journey Through the Greek Isles

Take a trip through the Greek isles, from the charm of Mykonos to the coastal beauty of Athens. Experience a blend of ancient myths and modern luxury, with sunsets that feel like gifts from the gods.

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The Seaside Glamour of St. Tropez

Dive into the allure of St. Tropez, where Proven莽al charm meets jet-set glamour. From sun-drenched beaches to star-studded soir茅es, every moment here is kissed by the Riviera's golden touch.

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Introducing Uzbekistan: The Hidden Collection

Unveil hidden treasures within the Nukus Museum, home to the world's second-largest avant-garde collection. Pioneering artworks reveal the avant-garde as more than aesthetics鈥攊t emerges as a powerful social, political, and cultural force.


The vision, since day one, has been to create books that would complete a well curated library.

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Since its beginnings in 1994, Assouline has been dedicated to creating books that are as informational as they are beautiful works of art. The respect for the product and the process of creation is evident in every facet 鈥 the traditional technique of hand-binding covers, the imagery that transports the reader to another place and time, the luxurious thickness of each page. Known worldwide for bringing luxury to the publishing industry, Assouline produces one-of-a-kind books on fashion, art, architecture, photography, design, and travel, weaving a story of L鈥橝rt de Vivre with every publication.

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Assouline鈥檚 Ultimate Tower serves as a stylish new way for our readers to prominently display our most iconic collection. Crafted in a matte-black metal with the Assouline logo engraved on front of its base, the stand is capable of holding ten Assouline Ultimate titles and is a must-have for every culture connoisseur.

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