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How to keep your Assouline book looking pristine forever


Keep your Assouline book looking pristine forever



Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures
Although Assouline books are laminated with a UV coating to ensure longevity, they are crafted with organic materials that will deteriorate if not cared for properly. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause discoloration, and high temperatures will break down the binding. While storage in a dark room is fine, take care to ensure it is not too humid or damp, as exposure to moisture will lead to degradation in the paper, and warp the boards and paper.


Store your books with adequate room to breath
To ensure their lasting quality, Assouline books should be stored vertically, never diagonally, on a shelf beside a supportive book-end, wall, or other book, while taking care to ensure there’s enough space so as to avoid any friction that could cause damage to the delicate exterior.


Avoid direct exposure to water, oils, and other liquids 
It’s best to keep away any liquids, oils or perfumes, for if they come into contact with the book, its slipcase or clamshell, they may remove ink or color; wrinkle pages or tip-on photographs; or lead to discoloration, warping, or further damage.


Routine upkeep
As accumulating dust can encourage mold and mildew growth, a regular dusting using a soft paintbrush away from the shelf is encouraged to preserve the pages and spine.


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