In the Spirit of Napa Valley
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Price $50.00

Napa Valley is known around the globe for its world-class wines, beautiful farmland and countryside, and envied lifestyle. Featuring a foreword by renowned chef Thomas Keller, In the Spirit of Napa surveys great local culinary establishments from exclusive restaurants to local farmers’ markets, legendary wine pioneers and cult labels, notable architectural landmarks from fantasy castles to historic family estates, plus art collections, music festivals, and natural mineral spas. This gorgeous volume concludes with a comprehensive guide to hotels, restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, sightseeing, entertainment, and recreation.

ISBN: 9781614284390
7.5 x 11 in – 19.5 x 28 cm
160 pages | 150 illustrations
Hardcover with jacket
About The Author
Jennifer Raiser, a San Francisco–based businesswoman and Harvard MBA, is the founder and editor of; she has also written for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Huffington Post. Raiser is treasurer of the Burning Man Project, the nonprofit that runs the annual art festival, and she recently authored Burning Man: Art on Fire (Race Point Publishing, 2014).
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