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Gold: The Impossible Collection (Special Edition)

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Gold—pure, indestructible, dazzling: Since the dawn of time, this precious metal has generated countless fantasies and beliefs. Whether it leads powerful rulers to the afterlife, casts a delicate glow on...

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Art historian Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter is a journalist and art critic, regularly contributing to art publications including Beaux-Arts, L’OEil, L’Objet d’art, Le Journal des arts, and Connaissance des arts. She has published numerous books on primitive arts and the art of adornment, and she curated the exhibition Voyage dans ma tête, la collection de coiffes ethniques d’Antoine de Galbert at the Maison Rouge in Paris in 2010. With Assouline she has published many books, including Ethnic Style (2001), the two-volume Primal Arts (2006), “The Panther in Art,” for Cartier: Panthère (2015) and Les Mondes de Chaumet (2018).

The Ultimate Collection

Gold: The Impossible Collection (Special Edition)

$3,950 USD

A moment of time is an ounce of gold, but a moment of time cannot be purchased for an ounce of gold.

— Chinese proverb

In the details

Ultimate Collection curates culture from around the world and across the ages. Hand-bound using traditional techniques, with color plates hand-tipped on art-quality paper, each page of this limited-edition series bears the unique imprint of the artisan.

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In the details

Each purchase comes with complimentary white handling gloves and our signature tote bag.

Page count

214 pages

Number of illustrations




Released on

July 2022


W 17.8 x L 19.9 x D 3.5 in

Cover materials

Handcrafted volume in a luxury
painted gold leaf clamshell case




23.8 lb

Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter

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Since 2019, Assouline has partnered with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted in their joint mission to create a more sustainable world. Through this partnership, Assouline plants one tree for every book sold. Once these trees reach maturity, Assouline aims to create a sustainable cycle by sourcing paper from the trees it has planted.

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Since its beginnings in 1994, Assouline has been dedicated to creating books that are as informational as they are beautiful works of art. The respect for the product and the process of creation is evident in every facet – the traditional technique of hand-binding covers, the imagery that transports the reader to another place and time, the luxurious thickness of each page.

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Assouline’s Ultimate Tower serves as a stylish new way for our readers to prominently display our most iconic collection. Crafted in a matte-black metal with the Assouline logo engraved on front of its base, the stand is capable of holding ten Assouline Ultimate titles and is a must-have for every culture connoisseur.

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