Survival Kit: Lifestyle<br> (New Edition)

Survival Kit: Lifestyle
(New Edition)

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Africa In Style: It is not unusual to see the colors and hear the rhythms of Africa at runway shows in Paris, New York, or Milan. But despite its influence on Western designers, African fashion is still struggling to make itself known. With the ambitious goal of reinventing urban fashion, many young African designers are breaking away from the expectations imposed on them to infuse ethnic and folkloric themes into their work. This book brings together archival images, illustrations, and photographs to paint a lively picture of this constantly evolving world, featuring designers and labels including Alphadi, Xule Bet, Oumou Sy, Juliette Ombang, Mickael Kra, and more.

Cocktails: The cocktail has a place in our social culture that stylishly evolves as the years go by. In this lusciously illustrated volume, Amy Sacco, the ultimate cocktail cognoscenti, restores the spirit of this sexy drink, sharing favorite recipes from her exclusive nightclubs including Lot 61 and Bungalow 8. The restaurant and bar owner credited with converting New York City into the go-to party destination also reminisces on the most important "cocktail" moments of the past decade, and offers tips on how to serve them with flair, in the latest bar and stemware. The perfect holiday gift.

Jean-Paul Hevin: Since the earliest times, cacao - chocolate - has been highly valued and served as food for the kings and gods. For Parisians, the word "chocolate" often follows the name Jean-Paul Hevin. His creations in sugar and cream broke with convention, raising the expectations of a generation and defining what fine chocolate means today. His storied ascension from boyhood in rural France led him through the kitchens of culinary masters and finally to Japan, a land that was open to excellence, humble in learning, and especially respectful of skilfully crafted work. It was here that Hevin formed a philosophy of chocolate built on an addiction of the senses. Today, chocolates that bear Jean-Paul Hevin's name are among the most coveted in the world. Jean-Paul Hevin delves deep into the heart of chocolate through illustrations, recipes, and stories, evoking the rich aroma of Hevin's premier chocolateries, the mystery of his passion, and the desire for one small bite of perfection.

The Polo Games: A veritable symbol of the art of living, polo has generated its own clans, codes, and destinations. Polo was first played in Persia, and then spread across the steppes of Central Asia to India. The British colonialists were quickly seduced by this “sport of kings and king of sports.” They exported the game to the Western world, all the way to the Argentine Pampas. Today, polo teams travel a worldwide circuit, from Windsor to St. Moritz, Dubai or Buenos Aires, to compete in contests that recall jousting matches of warriors.
Cartier, jeweler to kings, princes, and maharajahs, is of course an enthusiast of this sport and sponsors some of the most spectacular tournaments in the world, combining elements of passion, audacity, and the chic and cosmopolitan art of living.

ISBN: 9781614281849
Set of 4 Art Memoires
Box :16.25 x 16.25" | Each book: 6.0 x 8.5"
Each book is 80 pages with 60 images

About the Author
Africa In Style: Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter is a journalist and art critic. She is particularly interested in the culture of the body in non-Western countries. With Assouline she has already published Primal Arts, Asian Art, Bags, Fayum, Greek Beauty, Ethnic Style (2001) and Indian Beauty: Bollywood Style (2004). She is a regular contributor to Beaux-Arts Magazine and teaches the history of makeup and body painting at ITM in Paris.

Cocktails: Graduate of the College of Business at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, Amy Sacco, often referred to as the "Queen of New York Night Life," is the owner of Lot 61, Bungalow 8 and the restaurant Bette.

Jean-Paul Hévin: Francois Simon is a reporter for Le Figaro in Paris and is the author of numerous books, including two previous volumes about the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc for Assouline.

The Polo Games: Nomadic photographer and reporter, Aline Coquelle has worked with Figaro Magazine, Vogue, and Architectural Digest.
For several years, since discovering the polo universe in the Argentine Pampas, she has photographed the hedonist polo tribe and followed them to the four corners of the globe: from Mongolia to Pakistan, from India to the United States, and from Europe to Africa. She has also reported from the heart of India, South America, and along the coasts of Africa.
She is the author of Style Palm Springs, published by Assouline.

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