Symbols of Freemasonry

Symbols of Freemasonry

BY Daniel Beresniak (Author)
Laziz Hamani (Photographer)

128 pages, 8.7 x 6.7"


What's Inside
About the Item
Freemansonry is one of humanity's oldest existing secular brotherhoods. Past members include kings, presidents, military leaders, writers, and philosophers, and today there are over ten million freemasons in the world. This book explains freemasonry through the moral, philosophical, and religious symbols that lie at its heart. Richly illustrated, Symbols of Freemasonry is designed for both the initiated and newcomers interested in gaining a better understanding of this fascinating but often misrepresented society.

About the Author
Daniel Béresniak is a recognized authority on freemasonry. He has lectured widely on the subject and is the author of numerous books on the institutions and practices of freemasons including a two-volume study on masonic rites and symbols. Born in 1959 in Paris, where he currently lives, Laziz Hamani has been taking photographs since the age of twelve. Besides his work for magazines and the media, he also pursues his own projects, which have led to a series of personal exhibitions in France and Italy since 1976. He has contributed to several art books published in France by Assouline: Panama, a Legendary Hat (1995), and all titles in the Symbols series, including Symbols of Judaism, Symbols of Catholicism, Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, and Symbols of Islam.

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