Charlotte Moss: A Flair for Living

Charlotte Moss: A Flair for Living

BY Pieter Esthersohn

Hardcover / 10.5 x 13.25"
176 Pages, 156 Images
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Room by room, accent by accent, A Flair for Living is an inspirational design book , presented in an oversized luxury format with original photography. Whether itís Gaufraged leather, a hand-painted porcelain tassel, silk-embroidered cushions on a Louis XIV chair, parquet de Versailles flooring, or hand-carved bookcases, details are what transform living spaces into eclectic and inspiring environments. In this elegant, innovative volume, Charlotte Moss invites us on a lavish tour, from breakfast rooms to powder rooms, sconces to centerpieces, sharing her ideas on living graciously, entertaining with exuberance, and expressing refined glamour.

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