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Price $65.00
For 125 years, Coca-Cola has connected with more people in more places than any other product the world has ever known. First sipped at an Atlanta soda fountain as a hot weather pick-me-up, Coke has triumphed by engaging people, one by one. The company's long-time leader Robert Woodruff sought always to have it "within arm's length of desire." He succeeded so well that Coca-Cola has become a part of our landscape, part of our rituals, part of our lives. This illustrated book celebrates the world's most iconic beverage with the brand's photographs, advertisements, and designs as well as memories from film, social history, and pop culture. Decade by decade, Coca Cola represents the zeitgeist with nostalgia and flair.
Clothbound hardcover featuring multilevel embossing. Also available in a limited special edition. Now Available on the App Store: Coca-Cola App for iPad. Discover the book as it comes to life on-screen.
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9.5 x 12.0"

208 pages | 125 images
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