Hudson's Bay Company

Hudson's Bay Company

BY Graydon Carter (Foreword)
Joan K. Murray (Introduction) Mark Reid (Text)

9˝ x 11˝" / 24 x 29 cm
280 pages / 220 illustrations
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Hudson's Bay Company has shaped the history and culture of Canada for more than 300 years. As the company evolved from fur traders and settlers to contemporary fashion leaders, the men and women of The Bay have left their mark on both the country and its people. Where canny Scots once traded blankets and tools with First Nations trappers in exchange for beaver pelts, today this retailer brings the best and brightest of the world's fashion to a discerning clientele. The merchandise may be different, but the mission is the same: to deliver what is new, what is exciting, and what is cutting-edge. From arctic exploration to the settlement of the West to the creation of a modern retail empire, the history of Hudson's Bay Company is a tapestry of richness and diversity. It's a brand Canadians recognize instantly, from the multicolored stripes of its Point Blanket to The Bay's ribbon banner. Here, in more than 200 illustrations, discover the brand's iconic past and how it continues to shape trends and tastes today. With a foreword by Graydon Carter.

About the Author
Born in Toronto and raised in Ottawa, Graydon Carter has been editor of Vanity Fair for almost 20 years. He was the co-founder and editor of Spy magazine, and a former writer for Time and Life magazines. Carter is also a Peabody and Emmy Award–winning documentary film producer.

Mark Reid is the editor in chief of Canada's History magazine. Formerly the assistant news editor at CanWest News Service in Winnipeg, he is a graduate of both Dalhousie University and the University of King's College, with extensive experience as a journalist and editor across Canada.

After careers in publishing and records management, Joan K. Murray, as Corporate Historian with Hudson's Bay Company, is able to blend an abiding curiosity with a passion for history and a talent for storytelling. The long and varied history of Hudson's Bay Company provides her with an endless supply of source material.

NUVO Magazine, March 2011
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FASHION Magazine, August 2011
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FURNISH Magazine, October 2011
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DETAILS Magazine, November 2011
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The Toronto Star, December 2011
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