Living Architecture

Living Architecture

BY Dominique Browning & Lucy Gilmour

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Former House & Garden editor-in-chief Dominique Browning presents an authoritative selection of America's most innovative and iconic twentieth-century homes. In more than 130 images by leading contemporary photographers, Browning highlights American architecture's best in a range of styles and eras—from James Deering's Vizcaya, his 1916 Italian Renaissance–inspired villa in Miami, to postwar marvels by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Farnsworth House) and Marcel Breuer (Hooper House II), to more recent constructions, such as Marwan Al-Sayed's mirage-like House of Earth and Light in the Southwest desert.
Featuring works that blur the lines between dwellings and art, Living Architecture is an excellent visual guide of cutting-edge architecture for both industry professionals and design lovers of all kinds.
Also features the work by notable architects such as Richard Neutra, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Moore, Richard Meier, Louis Kahn, Francis Burrall Hoffman & Paul Chalfin, Rudolph Schindler, Charles Sumner Greene & Henry Mather Greene, Robert Venturi, Ricardo Legorreta, Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Eliel Saarinen, John Lautner, Charles Gwathmey, Paul Rudolph, and Frank Gehry.

ISBN: 9782759404704
9.5 x 13.0"
240 pages | 130 images

About the Author
Dominique Browning is the former editor-in-chief of House & Garden magazine.
Lucy Gilmour is the photo editor at The Wall Street Journal.

Paper Blog - "Best Midcentury Homes in America", March 2014
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The New York Times Style Magazine – Living Architecture, May 2010
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