David Collins Studio <br>June 2014

David Collins Studio
June 2014

BY David Collins and Madonna (Foreword)

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“I have always wanted to see things I imagine made into a reality,” renowned architect David Collins once said, a statement that rings powerfully true in the projects of his eponymous studio.
Featuring a foreword by Madonna, ABCDCS showcases a bold portfolio of images that manifest the architect and interior designer’s creative vision, one that pervades the contemporary aesthetic.
Presented alphabetically to reveal David Collins’ myriad influences and inspirations and the motifs within his Studio’s work, this volume is a visually captivating journey from A to Z.
The much-loved and talented David Collins set up his eponymous Studio in 1985, assiduously gathering around him an expert team of designers and architects of diverse disciplines. Across the next 28 years, David Collins Studio has redefined how people live in public and private, creating timeless and beautiful spaces, each of which exhibits a definitive sense of place, whether a hotel, restaurant, residence or retail space.

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ISBN: 9781614282297
9˝ x 13 in – 24 x 33 cm
232 pages | 130 illustrations
Hardcover with jacket

About the Author
Born and raised in Dublin, David Collins graduated from the Bolton Street School of Architecture.
From Dublin, he travelled to Europe, settling in London where, in 1985, he redecorated a friend’s home, a design that was later seen by Pierre Koffmann who enlisted David to design the restaurant La Tante Claire. These projects were the foundations of the earliest iteration of David Collins Studio.
Inspired by the approach of 20th century modernist titans like Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, David and Iain Watson, his business partner, envisaged a studio that employed a team covering all elements of interior and architectural practice. Over the course of his career, David Collins gathered around him designers of diverse disciplines. Each David Collins Studio project across hotels, restaurants, residential and retail, is a deeply textured interior that feels simultaneously contemporary and established, rooted in the life and traditions of its location and exemplifying The Studio’s extraordinary capacity to reinvent and reinterpret the past.

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