Set of Four Library Candles

Set of Four Library Candles

Box: 5 x 5 x 3" / Each Candle: 2.5 x 1.5"
Set of 4 candles: Books, Leather, Wood, and Culture Lounge
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Assouline presents an exclusive collection of scented candles, each designed to evoke the rich fragrances of a library with a carefully selected blend of aromatic ingredients gathered from around the world. Inspired by the distinctive aromas of leather bindings, worn wood, and crisp pages, Assouline candles are the perfect accoutrement to any luxurious library. Books envelops you with the distinct fragrance of an old parchment manuscript page combined with the fresh scent of a crisp new page being turned for the first time. Leather is the alluring, rich scent of vintage hand-bound leather books and tufted library couches. Wood evokes the warm, inviting scent of a wood-paneled library with a refined mix of red cedar and copaiba from the Amazon rain forest. Culture Lounge transports you to the atmosphere of a refined space of tranquillity and discovery.

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