Dior 3-Book Slipcase

Dior 3-Book Slipcase

BY Caroline Bongrand (Dior Fashion), Jérôme Hanover (Dior Jewelry and Dior Perfume)

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The pinnacle of French haute couture and savoir faire, the house of Dior is one of the world’s most celebrated luxury brands. Christian Dior envisioned a world of sophistication and elegance, a complete expression of the French tradition of high culture, artistry, and meticulous workmanship. With his fashions, Dior created idealized feminine shapes, seeking harmony and coherence in the lines of his designs. As a young man, Christian Dior had hoped to become an architect; his mother wanted him to be a diplomat: He was all that and more.

In three retrospective volumes presented in a collectible slipcase, Dior captures the most enduring images from each decade of the brand’s rich history. Immortalizing Dior’s fashion, jewelry, and fragrance collections, this addition to Assouline’s Mémoire series presents an objet as chic as its subject.

ISBN: 9781614280200
Slipcase set
Box size: 6.5 x 9.0 in - 16.5 x 22.9 cm
Each volume:
6.1 x 8.5 in - 15.5 x 21.6 cm
80 pages, 60 images

About the Author
Dior Fashion: Former editor in chief of L’Officiel de la Mode, Caroline Bongrand is also a novelist and screenwriter. She has published seven novels, which have been translated into many languages, and an essay on the life and issues of modern women.

Dior Jewelry & Dior Perfume: Jérôme Hanover is a journalist specializing in luxury lifestyle topics. He was editor in chief of Double, and jewelry and watch editor for L’Officiel. He has written for Mixte, Air France magazine, and Le Figaro among other publications.


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