American Beauty
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Price $75.00
Photographed by Vogue alumna Claiborne Swanson Frank, American Beauty is a tribute to the women who symbolize our country today—from Jenna Lyons to Lisa Mayock, Solange Knowles to Lily Aldridge—each of whom possesses an original blend of grit, grace, glamour, and gravitas that make them fitting exemplars of kaleidoscopic American beauty. Featuring over 100 portraits, alongside texts by Genevieve Bahrenburg, a foreword by Vogue photography director Ivan Shaw, and a preface by author Lesley M. M. Blume, American Beauty captures today’s bright young things in a survey of quintessentially American women that echoes far beyond its pages. FEATURED WOMEN:
Jessi Adele, Genevieve Bahrenburg, Asia Baker, Veronica Swanson Beard, Lake Bell, Ashley Bernon, Maggie Betts, Diane Birch, Beth Blake, Georgina Bloomberg, Lesley M.M. Blume, Valerie Boster, Amanda Brooks, Kristen Buckingham, Sabrina Buell, Sophie Buhai, Carolyn Burgess, Meredith Melling Burke, Erin Burnett, Barbara Pierce Bush, A bigail Chapin, Lily Chapin, Alina Cho, Annie Clark, Misty Copeland, Danielle Corona, Casey Fremont Crowe, Cristina Cuomo, Chiara de Rege, Jessica de Ruiter, Lauren duPont, Sylvana Soto Ward Durrett, Maria Echeverri, Emilia Fanjul, Melanie Fascitelli, Erin Fetherston, Emily Ford, Amanda Frank, Betsy Frank, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Alexandra Fritz, Vanessa Getty, Emma J. P. Goergen,Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Mary Alice Haney, Amanda Hearst, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Joanna Hillman, Sarah Hoover, Lawren Howell, Cena Jackson, Field Kallop, Jenni Kayne, Celerie Kemble, Kick Kennedy, Solange Knowles, Lily Kwong, Aerin Lauder, Lauren Bush Lauren, Sasha Lazard, Rachel Lewis,Tamara Lowe, Jenna Lyons, Erin Martin, Marissa Mayer, Lisa Mayock, Kelsey McKinnon, Serena Merriman, Bonnie Morrison, Minnie Mortimer, Samira Nasr, Irene Neuwirth, Serena Nikkhah, Fernanda Niven, Summer Rayne Oakes, Michele Ouellet, Caroline Palmer, Monique Péan, Sophie Pera, Whitney Pozgay, Bettina Prentice, Lily Rabe, Devon Radziwill, Indre Rockefeller, Alexandra Lind Rose, Lela Rose, Jessica Sailer, Lisa Salzer, Lauren Santo Domingo, Gillian Schwartz, Bee Shaffer, Nicole Simone, Joan Smalls, Ruthie Sommers, Sara Gilbane Sullivan, Georgia Tapert, Ferebee Taube, Alexis Swanson Traina, Katie Traina, Hilary Walsh, Connie Wang, Marissa Webb, Ashley Wick, Elettra Wiedemann, Arden Wohl, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Elizabeth Woolworth, Nena Woolworth, Elizabeth Yarborough
ISBN: 9781614280507
9.8 x 13 in | 25 x 33 cm
208 pages | 110 illustrations
Hardcover with jacket
About The Author
Claiborne Swanson Frank is a fine art portrait photographer. After assisting Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour, Frank went on to pursue a career in photography. In 2010, she released her first body of work, Indigo Light, a coillection of 29 portraits of the women in her life, which served as the inspiration for American Beauty. Frank exhibited in her first solo show, at Lu Magnus gallery, in 2012. She resides in Manhattan with her husband, James Frank.

Genevieve Bahrenburg is a journalist, writer, and magazine editor. She has worked in the features departments at Vogue and Elle, and is currently the executive editor of Above magazine and Above Live.
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