The Worth of Art (2)
Judith Benhamou-Huet
$136 million for a Klimt, $71.7 million for an Andy Warhol...It's not that art is expensive, but rather that money has become cheap for certain collectors - Russian oligarchs, Chinese, and American hedge fund managers. COLLECTIONS are being redistributed to new fortunes around the world. Sophisticated marketing campaigns, the most luxurious parties, a new wealthy elite passionate about art cross paths to compete for paintings now considered trophies. At present, details like "who's selling what" and "which auction house is organizing the sale" play an important role in sums fetched. The goal is paradoxical: always pay more. Worth of Art (2) offers an inside and outside view on an art world nourished by excess.
ISBN: 9782759401475
6 x 9.25"
128 Pages
About The Author
After studying international law and political science, journalist Benhamou-Huet became an expert in the art market. She has written for Echos, Le Point, ArtPress, Art & Auction, the Swiss daily Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Beaux-Arts and Vogue France. She has organized many symposiums on the art market, most recently in Shanghai, addressing businessmen as art collectors.
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