Hitchcock Style
Jean-Pierre Dufreigne
From the motel in Psycho and the bachelor pad in Rear Window to the blonde elegance of Tippi Hedren and Grace Kelly, this is the first book about Hitchcock to explore the great director's style, art direction, and use of fashion. Hitchcock's images reveal an aesthetic as vivid as his suspenseful subject matter. Jean-Pierre Dufreigne explores the world of Hitchcock, examining the director's unique atmospheric sensibilities. Featuring many of the actors, set and costume designers, cameramen, composers, and title creators from Hitchcock's inner circle, this stylistic study ends with a catalogue raisonné of Sir Alfred's entire oeuvre.
ISBN: 9782843235146
7.75 x 11"
196 Pages | 100 Images
About The Author
Jean-Pierre Dufreigne is a leader writer for the cultural section of L'Express, and a film critic who is enamored of cinema. He has written eight novels and three essays. He has previously published Dolce Vita Style.
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