Daniel Boulud Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches, For Her & For Him
By Daniel Boulud
Foreword by Jay McInerney
World-famous chef Daniel Boulud presents Cocktails by Daniel Boulud, a two-volume COLLECTION—one For Him and one For Her—of sophisticated drink recipes from his New York City restaurant, Daniel, giving classic cocktails a modern twist.

Mixologist Xavier Herit brings innovative methods to the bar at Daniel, incorporating unusual flavors like teas, spices, and herbs in his concoctions, and using seasonal produce and even modern molecular techniques.

This chic two-volume slipcase set is a creative GIFTS for the contemporary host and hostess.
ISBN: 9781614280026
6.0 x 8.5 in - 15.5 x 21.5 cm
160 pages
2 hardcover volumes in a slipcase
About The Author
Daniel Boulud is the award-winning chef-owner of restaurants around the globe. He hails from a small village near Lyon, France, where he was raised on his family’s farm, and he remains inspired by the rhythm of the seasons. Since coming to the U.S. in 1982, Boulud has become renowned for the contemporary appeal he adds to soulful cooking rooted in French tradition.

At restaurant Daniel, bar manager Xavier Herit has become known for blending unconventional ingredients to create unique and beautiful cocktails combining the use of unusual flavors and seasonal produce with the application of modern molecular techniques to bring a contemporary twist to classic mixology.
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