Creative Tables
Price $50.00
Price $50.00
Rose Fournier has a knack for fun, creative, and transformative table decoration. The settings in Creative Tables: Whimsical Place Settings forgo expensive tableware and accessories in favor of elements found in the typical home. Learn how pasta can become a whimsical centerpiece or step onto the set of an Audrey Hepburn movie adorned with classic pearls and red roses. Each exciting scene is so different from the one before, it’s easy to forget they were all created with the same set of dishware—and of course, the menu always complements the decor.
ISBN: 9781614285434
9.5 x 11.75 in – 24 x 30 cm
132 pages | 170 illustrations
Spiral-bound hardcover
About The Author
Rose Fournier is a designer and a writer. Born in Paris and brought up in the exuberance of hosting and entertaining, she developed her talent for the art of the table from family traditions. Her shared passions for decorating, cooking, and traveling impart constant creativity and culinary variety into her settings, which she creates with efficacy and simplicity.
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