Cadillac (Limited Edition)
The Cadillac brand, from its first closed-body automobile in 1905 to the first electric car and the ubiquitous Escalade in 2009, to the brand-new 2013 ATS. Cadillac has also made a major impact on popular culture in music, film, art, and fashion, as illustrated in this collector’s item: from Elvis Presley, an avid Cadillac collector, to Bruce Springsteen’s hit song “Pink Cadillac,” to Prada, with its Cadillac design–inspired shoe, to Andy Warhol’s famed Twelve Cadillacs. In this both stylish and well-documented book, readers will discover why Cadillac truly is the Standard of the World.

Hand-numbered edition: 500 copies only
9½ x 12 in | 24.0 x 30.5 cm
208 pages | 150 illustrations
Hardcover in a black rubber slipcase with metal Cadillac marquee plaque
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