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Bordeaux: City of Light
Laure Verniere & Anne Garde
Bordeaux is not only the name of a worldwide, high-quality wine terroir; it has long been the central city of the French countryside. Founded in the third century B.C., Bordeaux boasts several golden periods, including its meteoric rise in the eighteenth century as the country's center for the arts. More recently, mayor Alain Juppe has driven its resurgence as a cultural and business hub. Anne Garde, a well-known artist and photographer, reveals the personality of this great city, while writer Laure Verniere evokes its past and present.
ISBN: 9782759402847
10.5 x 13.33"
192 Pages, 126 Images
About The Author
Anne Garde and travel writer Laure Verniere have coauthored several books and consider themselves "twins" of photography and literature. Together they bring hidden elements of people, places, and architecture into view using photographic techniques and language. They have worked for international magazines, publishing houses, and advertising companies. "The region is like its wine; the more you drink, the more you want!"
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