Antiquaires: Paris Flea Markets
Laure Verchere, Foreword by Michael Bruno, Photography by Laziz Hamani
Paris insiders know the best place to go for inspiration is not the Louvre. And the finest shopping isn't on the Boulevard St. Germain: It's the famous antiques markets of St. Ouen. Which explains why Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, André Breton, and Rudolf Nureyev all browsed at St. Ouen, the largest marketplace of secondhand clothing, housewares, and art objects in the world. Author Laure Verchère and photographer Laziz Hamani capture the treasures of St. Ouen’s appealing mélange of furniture, books, decorative objects, and curiosities—and the dedicated sellers who endow them with life.
ISBN: 9782759404605
9 x 12"
300 pages | 300 images
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