A Privileged Life
Susanna Salk
At once glamorous and mysterious, the WASP lifestyle has influenced countless trends in the worlds of fashion, home design, and pop culture. Today, one no longer has to be a WASP to embrace its casual-yet-elegant attitude and sense of style. With lively text and over one hundred images from world-renowned photographers, A Privileged Life: Celebrating WASP Style is the first book of its kind to unveil this rarefied way of life, one that many emulate though few truly understand. From the eclectic and well-decorated home of Sister Parish to the popular pink-and-green color combination of preppy chic to iconic photographs of the style makers who embody the WASP spirit like Grace Kelly, Truman Capote, or Jacqueline Kennedy, this book celebrates our timeless fascination with America's leisure class.
ISBN: 9782759401260
7.5 x 11 in - 19.5 x 28 cm
176 Pages | 150 Images
About The Author
Susanna Salk grew up in Essex, Massachusetts and went to boarding school at Milton Academy. She got her B.A. in English at Vassar College and then moved to Manhattan where she helped launch Elle Decor as Interior Design manager and initiated much of the home furnishing business into the magazine via sales and marketing programs. She later became a Contributing Editor.

In 2003, she joined House and Garden Magazine, where she was, until its closing, Special Projects Editor. In addition to giving design talks around the country, managing its annual showhouse and spearheading many other design-related events for both editorial and advertisers, Salk produced and hosted regular segments for both the CBS "Early Show" and NBC's "Today Show."

Salk continues to appear monthly on "Today" to discuss design style.

Salk is also Contributing Editor to Bon Appetit magazine, 1stdibs.com and ivillage.com.
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