Solstiss: The Seduction of Lace

Solstiss: The Seduction of Lace

BY Anne Kraatz

isbn: 9782843239489
6 x 8.5 in - 15.5 x 21.5 cm
80 Pages | 60 Images


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About the Item
With its seductive transparency and intricately interwoven threads, lace is an everlasting metaphor of femininity. It is the responsibility of the lace maker to convey this essential symbolism with elegance and perfection. Like a tightrope walker, the lace maker balances the spaces and contours of lace with shadow and light. If there is too much solid, the lace will look like fabric with holes; if there is too much space, it seems torn. In short, the keenest creativity and exacting skill are required to achieve the unique product that is Solstiss lace. The number-one brand in the manufacturing of lace worldwide, Solstiss unified the experience of several former lace companies in Caudry, France, and has been perfecting the tradition since the 1880s. The creativity of its designers, the collective effort of its expert technicians, and the resolutely modern approach of the company's directors have enabled Solstiss to surmount the challenges of a changing fashion world. Year after year, the lace it produces for the world's greatest designers is the stuff of women's dreams.

About the Author
Anne Kraatz holds a doctorate in history and has written several books, museum catalogues, and articles on the history of textiles, costume, and business. Her book Lace was published as part of the Textures collection and was translated into several languages. It is considered the reference on the subject. She is also the author of Velvet, in the same collection. Her most recent book, Mode et Philosophie, ou le Néoplatonisme en silhouette, 1470–1500, published by Belles Lettres, Paris, 2005, introduces a method of analysis to understand different forms of fashion with regard to an era's prevailing philosophy. In 1983, she organized an exhibit at the Palais Galleria in Paris entitled Fashion in Lace, which attracted the largest number of visitors to a single exhibit in the history of the museum.

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