BY Berenice Geoffroy-Schneither

Hardcover / 6 x 8.5"
80 Pages, 60 Images

What's Inside
About the Item
Classic or rakish, discreet or ostentatious, worn by day or at night, over the shoulder or handheld, a bag is more than just a woman's most essential accessory. It's a miniature version of her universe: mirror, keys, diary, photographs, and secret messages; the bedroom or boudoir she hangs from her arm. Combining photographs of the fashionable and the functional, with archival images of bags from around the world, this must-read book recounts the flamboyant history of this elemental accessory&151and actually carries as a small handbag!

About the Author
Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter is a journalist and art critic. She is particularly interested in the culture of the body in non-Western countries. With Assouline she has already published Primal Arts, Africa Is In Style, Asian Art, Bags, Fayum, Greek Beauty, Ethnic Style (2001) and Indian Beauty: Bollywood Style (2004). She is a regular contributor to Beaux-Arts magazine and teaches the history of makeup and body painting at ITM in Paris.

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