Balthus: In His Own Words

Balthus: In His Own Words

BY Cristina Carrillo De Albornoz

Hardcover / 6 x 8.5"
80 Pages, 60 Images
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An insightful and candid portrait of the artist Balthus. Presented in the form of ABC questions, Balthus: In His Own Words reveals his personal universe. "B" for beauty, "H" for Homer, "M" for Mozart, "S" for SOS, Balthus takes us through his intimate thoughts and views on everything from Paris to Chinese calligraphy.

Balthus (1908-2001) learned how to paint at the Louvre museum and in Italy. A figurative artist, he gained a reputation for his incisive style and incredible precision. Balthus sometimes spent years on one painting, obsessively observing and re-creating on canvas. Later, he focused on the nude, particularly on adolescent girls, which fell halfway between innocence and perversion. As the last book written in his own words before his death, it has even more significance. The artist's voice shines through, offering an authentic and personal perspective.

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