BY Stephanie Busuttil

ISBN: 9782843232220
Cloth cover / 6 x 8.5" / 288 Pages
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Violent, mystical, powerful, hot, sensual and sophisticated, red is the color and this book celebrates it in its various incarnations in religion, fashion, design, medicine, architecture and contemporary art. See how red has been influential to Fellini and Kurosawa, James Turrell, Picasso and Caravaggio. Witness the violent red of Andy Warhol or Cindy Sherman and the mystical red of cardinals. The red of Buddhist rituals and of the art of Serrano. The sophisticated red of geishas and lacquer, of Barragan and Villa Malaparte. The aggressive red of bordellos, lingerie, Nan Goldin and Barbara Kruger. The shocking red of bullfights and the skinned monkeys of Nick Knight. Linked in our imagination with the forbidden and the taboo, red provokes, fascinates, repulses and attracts, but never leaves us indifferent.

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