Symbols of Catholicism

Symbols of Catholicism

BY Father Dom Robert Le Gall (Abbot of Kergonan)
Photographs by Laziz Hamani
Forward by Monsignor di Falco

128 pages, 8.7 x 6.7"


What's Inside
About the Item
Symbols of Catholicism invites the readers to either discover or to increase their understanding of Catholicism, one of the cornerstones of Western culture. The symbols of the Catholic Church are at once human and divine, material and spiritual, for they are the very incarnation of the Word of God. The author of many books dealing with the Catholic liturgy, Father Le Gall, abbot of Sainte-Anne de Kergonan in Brittany, examines the people at the heart of the Church, its saints and biblical figures, the sacraments, songs, gestures and vestments, as well as sacred objects and the Church's liturgical calendar.

About the Author
In 1963, at the age of seventeen, Father Dom Robert Le Gall began his monastic training at the abbey of Sainte-Anne de Kergonan in Brittany. From 1970 until 1974 he studied theology at the abbey of Solesmes, after which he was ordained a priest. He then took a master's degree in theology at Freiburg, Switzerland. On his return to France, he was made Prior (second-in-command to the abbot) as well as Guest Master of Sainte-Anne's. He was elected Abbot of Kergonan in 1983. Father Le Gall is the author of many books dealing with the Catholic liturgy, as well as studies of Church rituals and the life of Saint Benedict. Born in 1959 in Paris, where he currently lives, Laziz Hamani has been taking photographs since the age of twelve. Besides his work for magazines and the media, he also pursues his own projects, which have led to a series of personal exhibitions in France and Italy since 1976. He has contributed to several art books published in France by Assouline: Panama: A Legendary Hat (1995), and all titles in the Symbols series, including Symbols of Judaism, Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, Symbols of Islam, and Symbols of Freemasonry.

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