The Impossible Collection <br>(Trade Edition)

The Impossible Collection
(Trade Edition)

BY Philippe Segalot & Franck Giraud

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In The Impossible Collection, internationally renowned art dealers Philippe Ségalot and Franck Giraud curate the ideal modern collection—in which money is no object and anything is possible. Whether locked in a museum's collection or available at the tip of a paddle, these works form a unique perspective on the greatest art achievements of the past century, illuminated in an introduction by Joachim Pissarro, great-grandson of Camille and a curator of painting and sculpture at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

ISBN: 9782759403943
8 x 10"
132 pages | 100 images

About the Author
Philippe Segalot joined Christie's in New York in 1996 as contemporary art specialist before becoming the company's international head of contemporary art. Franck Giraud joined Christie's in New York as Impressionist and modern art specialist in 1988 and became the international head of Impressionist and modern art at Christie's in 1996. The two men formed the New York and Paris–based art consultancy Giraud.Pissarro.Segalot with partner Lionel Pissarro in 2001.

A Magazine –December 2012
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