Once Weddings

Once Weddings

This book comes with an exclusive and complimentary Assouline canvas tote bag.
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Famed wedding designer Ziad Raphael Nassar’s talents are coveted the world over. A true artist, Nassar creates once-in-a-lifetime events for some of the world’s most illustrious clientele and royal families. With passion, insight, and innovative designs, the Lebanon-based Nassar sets the stage for unforgettable moments. As he says, “You want to immerse [guests] in a different world... You want them to take a trip with you. All the elements should be as one, in perfect harmony, like a choir.”

This luxuriously oversize collection gathers the celebrated scene-maker’s most lavish and inspiring fetes together in one place for the first time.

This book comes with an exclusive and complimentary Assouline canvas tote bag.

14 x 17 in - 27.5 x 34 cm
138 pages | Over 100 illustrations | 4 gatefolds
Hand-bound limited edition presented in a linen clamshell case

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About the Author
Renowned luxury event designer Ziad Raphael Nassar was born in Byblos, Lebanon; studied visual arts at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA); and worked as a graphic designer and creative director. He designed his first wedding for his best friend in 2004, which inspired him to pursue a career in event planning and concept creation. Soon after, Nassar established himself as the area’s go-to soiree designer, and founded his event company, Once. Two years later he launched SO, a lifestyle boutique. To date, he has produced hundreds of breathtaking celebrations, including 50 weddings for royal families, and he continues to cater to the region’s elite.

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